"Senate Suspends Sec. 315:
Now its up to the House to follow Suit"

Broadcasting, July 4, 1960, 52-53   


"Sponsorship of TV Debates?: CBS Opposed;
ABC, NBC, study advertiser bid, but Kennedy, Nixon have veto power"

Broadcasting, August 8, 1960; 70


"Lid's Off for Air Campaigning:
Congress action on Sec. 315
opens way for debates
Greatest mass-influcencing
effort in history looms"

Broadcasting, August 29, 1960; 31-33


"Great Debates to be Discussions:
'Debate' misnomer shed as
Nixon-Kennedy series veers to panel"

Broadcasting, September 12, 1960; 54

The Debates

"Television and Politics:
Who Projects the Image of a Winner?"

Newsweek, September 5, 1960; 18-21.


"1st 'Great Debate' Historic Dud as
Nixon & Kennedy 'Play It Safe'"

Variety, Sept. 28, 1960; 37.


"Kennedy on First by a Fielder's Choice"

New York Times, Sept. 28, 1960; By James Reston  


"TV: The Great Debate:
First Nixon and Kennedy Discussion
Is Called a Constructive Innovation"

New York Times, Sept. 28, 1960 


"'Big Debate' By-Passed No. 1
Domestic Problem: Negro Should
Place 'Price Tag' on Vote, Has
Good Chance to Collect, Says Nunn"

The [Pittsburgh] Courier, Oct. 8, 1960; 4; By William G. Nunn  


"TV Debate Backstage: Did the Cameras Lie?"

Newsweek, October 17, 1960; 25  


"52,000,000 TV Sets - How Many Votes?"

New York Times Magazine, Sept. 26, 1960; 22 -   


"Great Debate' Rightly Named:
Nixon, Kennedy set a precedent
that will be hard to abandon"

Broadcasting, Oct. 3, 1960; 88 - 90   


"Jack Challenges Nixon on Rights"

Chicago Defender, Oct. 15-21, 1960  


"ABC Brings Off Some Electronic N.Y. - L.A. Razzmatazz in Fine Style:
(Nixon-Kennedy Split-Screen Debate)"



"Will there be a fifth 'Great Debate?'"

Broadcasting, Oct. 17, 1960; 68 - 70  


"Nixon notes Kennedy's notes"

Broadcasting, Oct. 17, 1960; 70 


"Debate Score: Kennedy up, Nixon down
Sindlinger Study Shows Switch
in Sentiment toward Candidates"

Broadcasting, Nov. 7, 1960; 27-29