October 7, 1984; Louisville, Kentucky
Moderator: Barbara Walters, ABC News

Reagan v Mondale
Performing below expectations in his first encounter with Walter Mondale, President Reagan was unable to use even his winning line from the 1980 debates effectively.

"There you go again"
Walter Mondale performed surprisingly well in his first debate with President Ronald Reagan. He clearly scored points with his response to President Reagan's quip, "There you go again" (Mondale's initial reference is to the tax returns of Vice President George Bush).

President Reagan's closing remarks
President Reagan displayed some confusion over closing statements, reinforcing for many viewers questions about his advanced age and his ability to govern for four more years.

October 11, 1984; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Moderator: Sander Vanocur, ABC News

Vice President George Bush v, Geraldine Ferraro
Republican Vice President George Bush met Democrat Geraldine Ferraro in this debate encounter that featured the first woman ever to be a candidate for the vice presidency. As shown in this clip, Bush emphasized his association with President Ronald Reagan, who was comfortably ahead in the polls, while Ferraro addressed concerns about her qualifications for the vice presidency.

October 21, 1984; Kansas City, Kansas
Moderator: Edwin Newman, Baltimore Sun

Reagan's response to the "age question"
In the second debate, President Reagan deftly put to rest the "age question" (highlighted by his poor performance in the first debate) with characteristic humor.

Mondale's response on the age issue
Following President Reagan's remarks on "youth and inexperience," Mondale clarified his position on the age issue.